Water is the…well, water of life! (Pinterest)

So I’m on a health kick, mostly because a friend of mine who puts together great meal plans and nutritious food told me that one of the reasons I was probably getting sick so often and had headaches all the time was because I wasn’t drinking enough water.

Well, because I’m weird…I’m not a big fan of water.  I probably drink a bottle of water a week (I know, it’s so bad) so I found these infused recipes on Pinterest for “flavored” water and my gosh it’s made all the difference!


This is cucumber lemon mint infused water.  Basically you cut up a cucumber, a lemon, and put a couple mint leaves in a pitcher of water, let it sit overnight, and you have this great antioxidant water to drink.  I think I drank this whole pitcher in two days and made more! I’ve definitely been feeling a lot better and refreshed since I’ve been drinking this stuff, so clearly I’m doing something right! 🙂

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