Bear’s Bulletin: Animal Outfits

“Bear, Guest Editor

So my human (Mom) is too tired to write up a riveting post about food or crafts tonight (despite the fact that I got a real treat for dessert tonight) so she decided that I and my adopted littermate “Not-A-Dog” get to have our own guest blog posts every once in awhile. Since I have seniority (and am actually a Dog), I get to go first. I think Notadog is jealous because he keeps trying to climb on the invisible table in the kitchen even though Mom yells at him.

Anyway, I’m supposed to talk about this thing she wants to do for me and Notadog, so here I go.

She showed me this picture:

Bow-tie on a “Not-a-Dog.”

“Isn’t it cute?” she said. “You both would look SO adorable!”

No way.  I put up with the festive hat last year, and somehow she got me to wear another layer of fur with words on it on top of my normal fur last year (it smelled really funny, and they kept chanting at me when I had it on), but I draw the line at bow ties. Can you imagine how Notadog will be? Human, he’d never leave me alone. Notadog is clever enough to get out of the little hats and collars and other frills she puts on him, but I’d be doomed to him constantly jumping on me to play with mine.  I don’t have thumbs, so I can’t get it off!

Mom says she wants to learn how to knit so she can make me hats and sweaters.  No thanks.

Not even if you bribed me with the same chicken I got for dessert tonight (Mom made cheesy chicken roll things tonight and she told me to tell you that she promises to post the recipe sometime this week because it’s really good (I got to eat a part of it!) and there are never any leftovers).

Notadog keeps trying to jump on the computer keys so I’m going to go chase him now, but tell Mom that me and Notadog really don’t want to wear bow ties.  We’re just not that fancy.

Bark at you later!


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