“Heavenly Hellion” Character Mockup

Since I use this site as an extension of my Immortal Wars site (or I should say a placeholder, since immortalwars.com has been down since last year due to hosting issues), it only makes sense that I should post character mockups and updates about the books here too.

As most of you may have surmised already, Book 3 is about Kitty and Storm’s daughter, Ananya.

Book 4 is about Baylen and his story. His story is going to be so much fun to write out, although I’m trying to refrain from putting too much work into it right now so I don’t get distracted from Book 3.

That being said, I am starting mockups for the female protagonist of the story (where would I be without my female protagonists?) and I thought I’d share them with you:

Meet Charlotte!
charlotte1At least a preliminary sketch of Charlotte.

Here’s an updated version:

charlotte2Starting to ink, and I didn’t like the position of her sword hand so she has her pet dragon instead! I’m getting better at these “step-by-step” pictures, I think.  🙂

Ultimately, the picture will be done in the same style as the club picture from my last post, with my markers, but probably with a little more finesse. 🙂

Check back later this week for more updates!

UPDATE: Click here for post containing colored version.

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