A New Look

In multiple ways.

You might notice the site is a bit different!

My gosh, how long did I subject y’all to that previous awful design? I am so sorry lol. This new design, you may notice, is much more responsive on mobile devices and doesn’t hurt your eyes with all the misaligned, bunched up, badly formatted text and pictures. I did keep the stopwatch picture though, just cuz I think it’s really cool. But you’ll see a lot less background images and a lot more clean lines, and even the navigation for Angel’s Element is a lot easier to get through (for me to design and you to read!).

I also cut off about 18 inches of hair this week.


Say what!

It’s so much easier to deal with and I’m so happy I finally went back to short(er) hair.  I don’t know why I was hanging on to my 3 feet long hair for so long!

Anyway, short hair rocks. Whoop.

In case any of you were genuinely curious, no, I did not win the Keith Urban contest. Boo-hoo.  Actually, I’m not that torn up over it, mostly because the BF and I went to the zoo on Saturday for Valentine’s Day and had a BLAST. We didn’t get back to the apartment until after 8, I think, and then spent the rest of the weekend re-watching Game of Thrones in anticipation of the new season coming out in April!

I also got my new table and chairs set this week.


Let me tell you something though…

Be careful when you order online from Target.

Let me explain:

Once I ordered this table set, about three days later a UPS label was generated. Generated only, not picked up.

I got an email from Target telling me that my item had shipped. I thought “Okay, well, maybe it’s just sitting in the back of the truck and hasn’t moved yet.”

It didn’t move for almost a week. UPS had an estimated delivery date of the 11th, but that came and went without any word of it having shipping, and my tracking information still said it only had a label generated, and it was never actually shipped out.

So I called UPS, thinking maybe they just hadn’t scanned it in.  I was informed that no, it hadn’t been scanned, but it was because it had never been shipped out from the Target warehouse.

So I cheerily hopped onto the Target website, got ahold of their 1-800 number and called customer service for an update.

Customer service is located squarely in India.

When the first representative answered, I started to explain what I needed in terms of tracking down my shipment to make sure it had shipped out.


I have a very quick temper.  I’ve spent several years working on my temper so I don’t fly off the handle at the smallest irritation.

This was not a small irritation.

So I called back.  The second representative answered and I immediately asked for a supervisor. Her response was along the lines of “Why the hell do you need a supervisor?”

I (as politely as possible considering I was grinding my teeth) informed her that the last person I spoke to had hung up on me and I still needed to get my issue addressed.

So she stuck me on a silent hold for about two minutes. I was waiting patiently when…


If there is one thing in this world that irritates me the worst, it’s being hung up on.  I was shaking I was so mad by this point, so I started to think about how I could possibly get my shipping issue (which seemed minor in comparison to being hung up on) resolved without completely losing my temper. Because those “representatives” of Target know, as well as I do, there is absolutely nothing I can do to vindicate my annoyance at their rudeness.

So I called up my local Target store and spoke to a very nice young man in the customer service department who told me a very interesting fact:

Target and Target.com are not the same company.

They’re owned by the same parent corporation, but Target.com is completely different from the brick and mortar stores we like to peruse for hours on end.

The nice Target employee went on to tell me that up until about six months ago, Target.com could not ship to brick and mortar Target stores because of the vast difference in their companies.  I asked him if there was a direct line to the United States instead of a 1-800 number that routed me to India so I could find out more about my order, but he regretfully informed me that even as a Target employee he has to use that 1-800 number and has run into the same problems (rude representatives, being hung up on, etc.).

So I sighed, genuinely thanked him for his honesty and his help, and vowed to keep calling that damn 1-800 number until I got someone on the line who would actually get me the information I needed.

I’ll keep it a bit shorter at this point, I did eventually, finally get through to an American citizen who apologized for the “unprofessional behavior.” When I finally got to my point in explaining that my table had not been shipped from the warehouse and was just sorta sitting in limbo, she told me that they had estimated it would arrive sometime between the 10th and the 13th.  I agreed with her, but reminded her that UPS said it would be at my apartment on the 11th, and it hadn’t arrived. She went on to inform me that since it was shipping ground, generally Target.com estimates an additional 3-5 business days for it to arrive, so it could be close to the 18th before I got it!

To my credit, I did my best to not snap her head off and ask her why they didn’t just estimate sometime between the 10th and the 18th instead of the 10th to the 13th, since I figured it wasn’t worth it. I told her thank you, that I would call back on the 18th if it hadn’t arrived, and told the BF that I would bet him money that I’d start to see it moving in the UPS system the next day.

Wonder of wonders! It went from sitting in a Target warehouse to sitting in my living room in less than 24 hours.  They shipped from California, so they had to send it overnight for it to get to my place in Texas when it did. I’m grateful that someone kicked someone’s ass to get the darn thing moving, but a little annoyed that I had to be the one to instigate that in the first place, almost a week after the shipping label was generated.

So, buyer beware, Target.com is NOT the same as our beloved Target store. If you can purchase it from the store, I would strongly recommend that.  I might have done so, except that table set isn’t sold in stores. There is not a direct line into the states for Target.com, and chances are you’ll get hung up on at least once before you reach someone who will attempt to help you resolve your issue.

Coming up next week! My ongoing war with Time Warner Cable to get them to turn my cable on! Lol no really, I’ve talked to six different reps in the past three days trying to get my cable turned on (and making them comp my bill for the days I don’t have it). I shudder to think what they will be like when they merge with Comcast. Ugh!

But no, what’s really coming up this week is that I’m going to shoot a “how-to” video for one of my favorite looks for green eyes (I need to get my counters cleaned off though; right now I’m embarrassed to look at them, much less a bunch of internet strangers!). I still have to write up a new chapter for Xraken, though Shyamal and Moriah are pretty much done for this week. I’ll post at least two of the three segments up this week.

Also, I have a pillow in the works, which already looks pretty awesome, and I’m going to write a how-to post on making your own greeting cards! I did one for the BF for Valentine’s Day and it was really easy to put together, so I want to share it with you in case you ever decide Hallmark just isn’t good enough!

Well, this is a long enough post already, so I’ll stop here, but watch this week for videos and how-tos and the next segments of Angel’s Element!

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