Happy February! Chalkboard Art, Charlotte Art Update, and New Furniture 1

January was a tricky month for chalkboard art for me, mostly because all of the “Let It Snow” and “Baby It’s Cold Outside” inspiration was a little too December-ish for my liking, and also because I’m in Texas so it’s not really “cold” or “snowing.” I have chalkboard pen snowflakes on my sliding glass door but that’s a snowy as it gets here down South. 😀

Anyway, so January mostly was a compilation of my weekly menus, or last week’s menus, since I didn’t feel like updating it, but February, being my favorite month, features a lovely piece of art using my new colored chalkboard markers.

feb chalk

I Belong With You, You Belong With Me – February Chalkboard Art

Cute, right? I had a good time with it, and using chalkboard markers is so much easier than actual chalk, and much less messy. And the colors are cute.

I’ll probably do a post about Valentine’s Day and a couple of other ones this month, and Pascal might have a guest column since Bear did one, but first things first.

We are buying new furniture! Yay!

I’ve had the same godawful glass top Walmart table since I was 19 years old. If you even sit down too hard, any drinks you have on the table will slosh out and spill everywhere.  It’s that unsteady.  So now I have this pretty table set coming my way next week!


It’s going to be perfect, I honestly can’t wait. I will definitely post before and after pictures by the end of February, because I’m ordering some other stuff (soon, I hope) and there’s some big changes happening right now that I’m not yet at liberty to talk about.  Let that be a teaser for you to come back and read my blog later in February. 😉

I’m also learning how to sew chair pillows, so I’ll definitely take pictures of that particular project, as I do not have a sewing machine and it will be interesting to see how they turn out. doing them by hand. I’ve also discovered “button fasteners” where you put your own fabric on them and I just think they are the cutest accessories for sewing ever.  I might need to get a mini-sewing machine just so I have one for projects like this but that doesn’t cost me a fortune.  Anyone have any advice about sewing machines? Maybe where to get an inexpensive one?

All that being said, I have one last update before the Charlotte art is finished (meaning it will eventually have a background).  I’m so pleased with this one I may even go into Photoshop to tweak it and make a print. I’m just in love with my Prismacolor markers.




Let me know what y’all think! 🙂

Angel’s Element is still an ongoing project, I’ve just been slammed at work and at home so it’s already fallen by the wayside just a little bit.  I promise this weekend I’m going to upload new chapters though.

Till later this week! <3

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