Okay so as the title suggests, I did something a little spontaneous this week.

A local radio station is holding a contest for the chance to sing onstage with Keith Urban at the rodeo next week.

And, well, I entered.

I’ve been in pretty much constant panic since I sent it in, since this is kinda outside of my personality comfort zone.  The idea of a competition just brings conflict to my mind, which is probably why I don’t really ever ENTER competitions, especially ones that put my youtube channel and such on the map for people to hate on (go back and read this post about what has happened to me before on public interweb channels).

I have always toyed with the idea of putting tutorials (makeup and such) on Youtube since I get a lot of compliments on my makeup and hair and such and a lot of ladies ask me how I do it. So now since I have a Youtube presence where I’m actually in the video, I might consider taping a few, just for kicks, to see how they do.

Anyway, that’s all for now.  More to come this weekend (probably).


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