Pretty storage box tutorial

Happy new year! My blog suffered a bit last year, that’s for sure! I think I only posted a handful of times after swearing I was going to be more active. Well…so much for that I guess, but hey, new year right? Good time to try again!

So I’ve purchased a variety of new makeups and hair products these past few weeks in an attempt to “update” my look. Not in an “I’m going to change everything about my style” kind of update, but more of an update to nicer products and more effective tools (like a round brush that will actually work with my dryer so my short hair doesn’t frizz like crazy when I’m drying it).

Anyway, with all the new makeup and hair products, I’m running out of room on my bathroom counter! And I have two counters! And a bunch of shelves, and some drawers, and some cabinets…you get the idea.

Anywho, I don’t want to necessarily throw out a bunch of the makeup I have just to make room for the new stuff (especially the stuff I use only for special occasions etc.). So I decided to use some old shoe boxes I had lying around to make storage containers for all my makeup and hair stuff.

But, because I don’t want my boxes to be boring, I decided to make the boxes pretty.



  • Shoebox(es)
  • Pretty wrapping paper of your choice (I get mine from Hobby Lobby)
  • Scissors
  • Tape or glue
  • Something pretty as a handle or box topper (optional)
  • Hot glue gun/superglue (optional)


Gather your materials and start by measuring and cutting out paper that, upon folding over the edges of your box, only fold over an inch or so.

I taped the four corners of my box down to the wrapping paper so it wouldn’t move around while I was folding. Also, I used tape, but I’m lazy and I’m sure glue would ultimately be a better choice so how you stick down your paper is up to you.

Fold over the first side of your box. Mark where the corners of the box are folded and make a horizontal cut from the edge of the paper to each corner.


Fold the paper down inside the box and fasten down.It should look sorta like this:


Do the opposite side in the same manner. Your paper on the unfolded two sides of the box will look a little like this:


This is the important/somewhat tricky part. Take the edge of the paper closest to you and fold up as if you are going to fold it over the edge of the box. You want to make sure your paper is lined up against the edge of the box corner. Take the corner of the paper and crease it to form a triangle, like below:


After that, you’re going to fold it over the side that’s already been wrapped.


Crease it in place, and then fold the top corner of the triangle into the inside of the box.


It’s a little like origami, but if you do it right, the corner of the paper should fold relatively nicely into the corner of the box and you should be able to tape it down without any more cutting. If it’s easier to cut another horizontal cut in the paper to get it to fold down, you can do that too. The inside corner will look a little like this:


And the outside will look like this:


Do the same for the other three corners. Make sure your folded flaps are on the same side (unless you’re going for an asymmetrical look).


The bottom of the box is done!


The lid is basically the same, just shorter paper. However:


I took the inside layer of cardboard out of the lid because the extra layer of wrapping paper around the box might make it tricky to close so I wanted to make sure I had the extra room.


I have had this little plastic “glass slipper” for years. I’m not even sure now where I got it from – I think it might have been in a McDonalds happy meal a few years ago when they were first advertising the new cinderella movie.

Anyway, I thought it would be cute as a little topper/handle for the box lid. So I lined up roughly where I’d like it to be on the box and got to work.

First I wrapped the box lid and grabbed a couple thumbtacks and some superglue.


Using some of the cardboard I’d pulled off the inside of the box lid, I cut a small square that would serve as “reinforcement” on the inside of the lid that was the same size as the shoe.


I actually somehow managed to use the thumbtacks to push a small hole in the middle of the shoe and the heel of the shoe. Be careful doing this though, one of them splintered and cracked. Plastic is a tricky beast. I pushed the thumbtacks through the cardboard into the shoe so I’d know where the holes would go and would only have to puncture the box once.


I glued down the cardboard (and realized almost immediately after that I’d done it backwards from how I’d initially imagined it but oh well).


Next came the thumbtacks through the box:


And then it was just a matter of threading the shoe onto the top of the box:


Not pictured is how I managed to finally seal the shoe to the box. I actually used a pair of wire cutters to cut the points of the thumbtacks off and shorten the length of the overall tack. Once that was done, I superglued the tack to the shoe, and put a dab of hot glue over each tack for good measure. The superglue bonded the metal and plastic while the hot glue put a nice rounded seal over each tack so if for some reason I somehow stuck my finger into the shoe on accident I wouldn’t stab myself.



I went a little further and hotglued some cardboard pieces into dividers inside the box so I could organize my makeup better. I had two boxes but don’t have an idea yet of what to use for the topper on the second box so it will have to remain woefully unadorned for the moment, though…it’s much easier to stack, I suppose.


Hope this gave you some ideas on how to organize your stuff! I had a fun time with the creating and then the organizing afterward.


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