Heaven Bound | Hell Hunted

Voted into the Top Five on inkpop.com in September 2011, and reviewed by Harper Collins as being “a vibrant fantasy world and a capable female protagonist who isn’t afraid to be tough on her enemies—and her friends—when she needs to be. The plot is exciting and emotionally intense, coupled with the classic combative personalities who evolve into lovers.”

Published shortly thereafter in September 2011, Heaven Bound | Hell Hunted starts The Immortal Wars saga with the first person narrative of Katherine Ambrose.

When Katherine Ambrose became a Slayer, she had one goal in mind–-kill the murderers who destroyed her family.

After a brief mission into the human world, Kitty finds herself caught between Kenric, her long-time protector; Darien, her lovesick best friend; and Storm, the silver-blooded immortal with an ego to match her own. She never thought she’d attract the attention of one of Hell’s cruel masters.

When Itzal, the demonic warlord of Hell, declares war on Heaven, Kitty must fight her desires and her thirst for revenge if she wants to remain free. Not even Heaven’s holy strength can deter Itzal from his target.

And that target is Kitty.

Heaven has bound her to their moral will.

Hell is hunting her for their own dark desires.

Which form of freedom has the higher price to pay?

A new cover was designed for the re-release of Heaven Bound | Hell Hunted in July 2015.