Heaven Prays | Hell Preys

Heaven Prays | Hell Preys is the second volume in The Immortal Wars series. Published in July 2013, it continues the story of Katherine Ambrose, reknowned Slayer, and Storm Leangicus, her daring significant other, and a formidable Warrior in his own right.

Slayer-prodigy Katherine Ambrose and the dashing Warrior Storm Leangicus have found an unexpected love–and an unexpected pregnancy.

As Kitty and Storm’s fear of impending parenthood looms, Hell’s dark army lays siege to the International Immortal Confederacy in the name of Kitty’s capture, while Heaven’s Elite Council attempts to woo Kitty into joining their prestigious ranks as the Elite Slayer.

But Storm and Kitty’s child is the result of violating Heavenly laws–an infraction potentially punishable by death.

With Hell determined to destroy Kitty and Heaven primed to tear her from Storm, the two must move fast and with caution if they want to escape with their lives.

The clock is ticking.

They’re risking everything.

A single mistake could be fatal.

A reissue of Heaven Prays | Hell Preys is expected sometime in 2015.