Heavenly Hellion

Heavenly Hellion (working title) is the final, dramatic novel in The Immortal Wars series, detailing the consequences of Baylen’s involvement in Heaven’s Key | Hell’s Keeper. A publishing date has yet to be set.

Baylen has always considered himself a “wild card” in the battles between Heaven and Hell. There is little love lost between himself and his grandfather, Itzal, so when Baylen is partially responsible for his downfall, Baylen knows Itzal’s retribution will be, if not swift, then very decisive.

Baylen is distracted from watching for his grandfather’s vengeance when a wounded human girl appears practically on his doorstep. Sporting purple hair, a dark history, and the scent of something powerful but mysterious in her blood, Baylen takes Charlotte under his protection, away from a psychotic vampire, Vendal, with whom Baylen has feuded before.

Heavenly Hellion gives readers a look into Baylen’s mysterious past through a series of flashbacks, and offers them insight on his actions throughout the war between Heaven and Hell in this thrilling conclusion to The Immortal Wars.