Heaven’s Key | Hell’s Keeper

Heaven’s Key | Hell’s Keeper picks up The Immortal Wars saga 17 years after the events of Heaven Prays | Hell Preys, from the view of Storm and Kitty’s daughter, Ananya.

Ananya Leangicus is a disgrace to the legacy of her parents. At least, that’s how she sees herself.

Abysmal at typical combat training and shunned by her half-mad mother, Elite Slayer Katherine Ambrose, Ananya’s sole comforts are her stepfather, Kenric Kasama, and the power of fire she controls.

Kept under lock and key by the International Immortal Confederacy for seventeen years, Ananya has seen very little of the outside world, until her grandfather, Cornelius, decided to send her above to a human school.

Tensions rise as Kitty, Ananya’s mother, becomes more unhinged at this news, alienating her daughter futher and causing Heaven’s leaders to second-guess her ability to continue in her Elite role.

Meanwhile, the war between Heaven and Hell rages on, and the warlord, Itzal, is stronger than ever. Heaven will need a miracle if they hope to overcome him.

Hell continues to prevail.

Heaven is getting desperate.

Can Ananya learn to forge her own path despite insurmountable odds?