Pretty storage box tutorial

Happy new year! My blog suffered a bit last year, that’s for sure! I think I only posted a handful of times after swearing I was going to be more active. Well…so much for that I guess, but hey, new year right? Good time to try again! So I’ve purchased a […]

How to go blonde and other things I’ve learned about coloring my own hair

Levels. Color. Bleach. Developer. Toner. Undertones. Caps. Foil. Highlights. Lowlights. Brass. The number of ways and number of terms associated with coloring your own hair seems almost endless, sometimes. Rather than go through the brain damage (and possible hair damage) of home coloring, most of us shell out anywhere from […]

A New Look

In multiple ways. You might notice the site is a bit different! My gosh, how long did I subject y’all to that previous awful design? I am so sorry lol. This new design, you may notice, is much more responsive on mobile devices and doesn’t hurt your eyes with all […]


Okay so as the title suggests, I did something a little spontaneous this week. A local radio station is holding a contest for the chance to sing onstage with Keith Urban at the rodeo next week. And, well, I entered. I’ve been in pretty much constant panic since I sent […]

Finished Elephant Art

I mentioned on this post that I had started a commission piece of a stylized elephant.  I can’t take credit for the “creativity” behind the art, just because I was asked to recreate someone else’s work.  Despite that, however, I’m putting up the image just because it IS pretty cool looking. […]

“Heavenly Hellion” Character Mockup

Since I use this site as an extension of my Immortal Wars site (or I should say a placeholder, since has been down since last year due to hosting issues), it only makes sense that I should post character mockups and updates about the books here too. As most […]

INFJ and the magnitude of those 4 letters 3

Oh my gosh you guys. This might be the biggest discovery of my not so long adult life. Throw in some teenage years too, because they totally count! Ah hell, this has applied my entire life and it just literally blew my mind. I am an INFJ. That Myer-Briggs personality […]

Bear’s Bulletin: Animal Outfits

So my human (Mom) is too tired to write up a riveting post about food or crafts tonight (despite the fact that I got a real treat for dessert tonight) so she decided that I and my adopted littermate “Not-A-Dog” get to have our own guest blog posts every once […]