Holiday Info Dump

I am always terrible at posting during the month of December, but I had a pretty good reason this year, which was that I got the flu about halfway through December and as of the first week of January am just now getting over it. YUCK. No wonder people die of […]

Olivia Pope Inspired

I’m not ashamed to admit that I love Scandal.  Love it. And not necessarily because of the back and forth presidential love affair that seems to be a common theme through every season, but because Olivia Pope is just so darn fashionable. Even her casual wear is more fabulous than just […]

DIY Chalkboard

Okay, I know you’ve probably seen dozens of these DIYs, but I figured I’d post my own. I was looking for a new piece of art to put up in my kitchen, cuz I moved stuff around and updated the look (mostly by toning down the Paris stuff and making […]

Best Macaroni

The best macaroni EVER – Recipe

And I mean…EVER. It has been my life’s mission the past few months to come up with the BEST macaroni ever, mostly because I like eating at McAllister’s down here in Texas and they have a fantastic mac-and-cheese recipe.  Well, I think I’ve finally done it.  Try it yourselves and […]

YARD SALE! Tips and Tricks I Learned

I determined over the summer that it was LONG past time I got rid of some of my junk, and allowed other Pinners to take advantage of some of the junk repurposable items I was essentially hoarding under the lame excuse “Well I’m sure I can find something to do […]

Yard Sale

PINTEREST: Funnel Cake Recipe

So I’m up in the middle of the night last night, doing what I don’t even remember. When suddenly, the hanger hits (With a hard G, not like hanger airplane hanger). For those of you who may not know, “hanger” is the noun form of “hangry”, the short definition of […]